RECONDITIONING Reconditioning can save on the cost of new replacement components

We have extensive experience in quality control of engine components, compressors, separators, hydraulics, turbochargers, pumps, governors, heat exchangers, and various other ship machinery.
Mechanical Damage Mechanical damage refers to physical harm or impairment to machinery or structures, often resulting from accidents, wear, or malfunctions.
Eroded water-cooled valve An eroded water-cooled valve is a component deteriorated by water exposure, potentially compromising its function and efficiency.
Cracks caused by gas blowby Cracks caused by gas blowby are fissures resulting from the leakage of combustion gases past piston rings, compromising engine performance.
Fractures caused by overheating Fractures caused by overheating in ship machinery refer to cracks or breaks in components due to elevated temperatures
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