WORKSHOP Manufacturing

TSING Marine offers custom manufacturing services for components that are not readily available in exchange pools worldwide. With our expertise, we can manufacture unique parts to meet specific dimensions and requirements, ensuring that your ship or engine gets the specialized components it needs.

High Quality and Competitive Prices All components are manufactured at workshops in China to ensure uncompromised quality while maintaining competitive prices. Each component is produced on a case-by-case basis to ensure it fits the required dimensions and specifications. Samples, sketches, and other information provided by the client are used to guarantee that the delivered component matches their ideal requirements. Production Services Offered TSING offers a wide range of production services, capable of manufacturing components in steel, bronze, or brass based on samples, sketches, or drawings. We also provide different types of hydraulic hoses. Our commitment to reliability ensures that customers receive the exact component needed for their vessel, quickly and at unbeatable prices. All manufacturing is conducted in hand-selected Istanbul workshops to maintain consistent material quality and deliver top-of-the-line products. Workshop Services
Steel construction hull fittings and components of devices Manufacturing of steel/stainless steel shafts, gear wheels, bushes, flanges, etc. Manufacturing components from steel, bronze, brass, etc., based on samples or drawings. Laminated, tempered, and standard glass for bridge deck windows, crane cabins, etc.
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