MINOR OR MAJOR  Could help customers optimize costs

Whether your vessel is docked or at anchor, we can perform all minor or major repairs required to quickly get it back in operation.
Onboard Services

Main Engine Overhauling Works

Cylinder Heads – Removal, refitting and overhauling works

Cylinder Head Valves (Exhaust, intet/outlet, starting, safety indicator valves) Overhauling

Air Coolers – Removal, Refitting and Cleaning Works

Bearing (Main, crosshead, crankpin, camshaft, thrust bearings) inspections

Overhauls of different types of pumps (engine-driven, separate) such as centrifugal, screw , gear pumps

Steel Renewal

Ultrasonic measurement of hull structures, conducting non-destructive tests, developing repair specifications and technical procedures, providing technical supervision for vessel repairs worldwide, expert evaluation of technical condition and consulting services worldwide, and hull construction repairs.

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